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Cheetah Scrunch Leggings

Animal Prints Are Back!

Making a huge comeback this season are Animal Printed leggings and crops. If you were ever a lover of the Animal Trend well its back in full force.

Our Animal Printed styles boast scrunch booty detail, a high waisted fit and superior fabric for moisture control while you work out. Zero show through so you can train stress free knowing that your gym tights are squat proof. Coupled with that is the added UV Protection component in the fabric. This is so that your beautiful activewear can last for years and still look as fresh as when you purchased it without signs of fading. Anti pilling technology ensures you won’t get that unsightly balling that appears on cheaper gym apparel.

Brazilian Stylists are always thinking about the fit of their designs and how this will accentuate the female physique. This current trend from Brazil has a super emphasis on the bootyyyy!!!! Designs that make the booty look curvier due to cuts in the fabric and carefully placed contours in various colour palettes.

Check out the New Animal Printed Styles and fall in love with Brazilian Activewear

Squat Proof gym tights

Looking for the perfect legging?

We all want to look and feel comfortable whilst working out at the gym. How embarrassing is it to Squat and have transparent gym tights! Or even worse..simply be on the stair climber and notice that the guy behind you is checking out your derrier ( in a bad way)

Yes, a lot of gym wear companies are claiming that their leggings are Squat Proof but how can Nylon and cheap quality gym leggings be Squat Proof ?

Interesting how many online stores are not disclosing the fabric composition of their gym wear but simply stating the supposed benefits.

BrazilActiv offers only high end fabric gym wear and Squat Proof gym tights with moisture-wicking properties, UV Filters and gym tights guaranteed to be 100% Squat Proof. Not only is Brazilian Gym apparel unique and stylish but it is known for its innovative designs, versatility and quality.

NO NYLON in our gym-wear ladies


Do you know the quality of your gym tights?

Activewear is everywhere! The market is totally saturated with new Brands and stores popping up. Most of them state high end, quality gym tights, made with amazing fabric that offers moisture-control properties, quick drying, squat proof… etc.

Do you really know what fabric your gym tights are made from?

It’s interesting that consumers are not aware that most of these stores that are not specific with their fabric compositions sell primarily NYLON gym leggings at a ridiculous price. Yes, there’s a small percentage of elastine in there to give them some stretch..but seriously..NYLON!!!!

Who can honestly say that Nylon is a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric? We all know it’s at the low end when it comes to quality. Yet, it’s out there masquerading itself as something bigger and better.

Consumers are paying a lot of money for gym wear that’s seriously not worth the $$$. This is the main reason I decided to write this post. To create awareness as to what is really going on out there.

Consumers need to be aware of what they are buying and not take these false declarations of quality gym tights or tops on face value. Please look at the composition of the fabric. Only then will you know what you are purchasing and how much you should be paying for your gym tights. Because let’s face it ladies we all want our most loved activewear to last and to provide us with all the benefits it’s supposed to.

At BrazilActiv we offer NO NYLON Activewear. In fact we mainly stock a Supplex Composition Fabric of Polyamide and Elastine which is your true high performance fabric giving you all the features you would expect from quality gym wear.

Shop Smart ladies!

Stay Fit Be Brazilactiv

Crop Tops For The Stylish Girl

What’s trending in Sports Bras?

Well the cropped top has been a hit for quite a while now.

Cropped tops, have always been around but have recently become increasingly popular with gym goers. Boasting bold colour palettes and superior styling they are definitely up there when it comes to activewear requirements. Crop Tops have become a must have piece of any fitchick’s gym wardrobe. The humble crop has been perfected to appease even the most fussy gym goer. Available with or without padding, with support or without. Straps or no straps, racerback design or just your simple humble basic crop.

What makes Brazilian crops different?

They have an added feature and that is always “style”. Not to mention the superior quality of high end performance fabrics used by Brazilian Brands. Brazilian Brands do not use “nylon” in their gym wear. Brazilian gym wear is always breathable, noon-fading and has moisture-wick properties to keep the body cool whilst you work out at the gym.

Check out our beautiful crop tops here:

Booty Scrunch leggings

Scrunch Bum Leggings

Booty Scrunch leggings

Yes, we are all in love with the scrunch bum legging. However, not all are made equally. Our Brazilian Scrunch bum tights are packed with features. We are proud of our …Totally Unique designs. 

Fabrics can be textured, plain, compress, light. Brazilian Designs are the most unique worldwide not to mention they are leaders in making the booty look amazing. Denim-look scrunch bums are our absolute faves because they can easily be taken from your gym workouts to the streets and look fabulous! Browse our beautiful range of camouflage leggings with pocket detail. Basic colours with unique styling and amazing simplicity yet stunning scrunch on the booty for that extra lift and shape.Made in Brasil by high end Brazilian Brands . 

NO NYLON in any of our Products girls… Your body and booty can breathe while you workout ..100% squat proof gym tights.

Printed Gym Leggings

Printed Gym Leggings

The warmer months call for vibrant colours and prints.High waisted leggings made from light supplex with splashings of floral vibes. We love the new Brazilian Light feel gym tights. They are perfect for the toughest workouts with sweat out technology and light luxurious moisture-wicking fabric. Guaranteed to make you look and feel great.

Easily teamed with a matching sports bra or any long yoga top of your choice. Whether you’re into dance, zumba, crossfit or a gym junkie you will love the feel of our squat proof leggings. Stylish cuts and designs will make your workouts enjoyable due the freedom of movement . Totally unique and high performance gym apparel.

Found only at BrazilActiv

BrazilActiv Booty Lifting Leggings

BrazilActiv Booty Lifting Leggings.

Our super legging..that’s what we call it.

It’s our four in one gym legging that’s absolutely fabulous!

High waisted| scrunch booty|textured gym legging  designed to lift that booty.

Intricate piping strategically placed to accentuate and lift the booty.

Textured fabric hides cellulite.

UV 50+Filters for colour protection

Wide waistband flattens the tummy area.

Yes! It’s absolutely fabulous!

You know you need to have a pair of these amazing gym leggings!

BrazilActiv Booty Lifting Leggings

Let’s Gym-Fitness Wear

Let’s Gym-Fitness Wear.

We LOVE a new addition to BrazilActiv and this Brand is definitely a first for OZ.

Stylish, unique, high performance activewear made in Brazil, Of-course!

Let’s Gym-Fitness Wear is located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, which operates in the national and international fashion and fitness fashion market, bringing the latest trends to these areas.

The company originated to supply a market need, transforming the simple clothes of fitness wear into product in fashioning athleisure  with unique style. The goal of its visionaries was to create pieces to compose looks that can be used in addition to physical activities, but also easily worn as street wear.

Much more than giving consumers products with the latest fashion trends, Let’sGym offers attractive prices and products that follow the strictest quality standards. The pieces are made with specialized machinery and raw material of high quality, seeking to deliver to the customer a product that meets their expectations.Using only technological fabrics in their collections. Let’s gym uses reputable suppliers such as Santa Constância and Rosset, who offer the quality LYCRA and SUPLEX, proven by the tags that accompany the pieces.

Let’s Gym is currently present in more than 10 countries, including: United States, England, Russia, Australia, Lebanon, Finland, etc.

Let’sGym collections are suitable for authentic women who know what they are looking for and are not afraid to dare.

Feel Pretty, Use Let’sGym.

High Waisted Leggings.

High Waisted Leggings.

The high waisted legging is now the forerunner in fitness wear trends.

Team it with a scrunch booty and textured bubble style and you have an absolute winner.

Hugging the body flawlessly and hiding imperfections are just some of it’s attributes.

We love that this style accentuates the booty with the scrunch detailing on the bottom. We also love how it creates that hourglass look by slimming the waist because of the high -rise style. A wide, flat waistband sits flush on the tummy area to produce this look.

The textured bubble fabric masks those unsightly bumps..which…let’s face it ladies are an absolute pain to get rid of!

Now there is an all in one flattering and suitable for every body type.

You know you have to add this to your gym wardrobe.

Always made with love in Brazil!





The ultimate scrunch booty legging is here. Taking the fitness world by storm this Brand has been so successful in the US and Worldwide.

Extreme lift of the derrier is the goal with these leggings…cut and styled in a way that accentuates the butt. Rouched detailing on the bottom creates a lifting effect.

Of-course Squats and great nutrition are a necessary part of a great booty shape but these leggings certainly help!

Coming soon is also in the new Zero Flaws fabric..we cannot wait for these beauties to arrive.

Try them and you’ll fall in love.