Fabric Information

All Brands Are Designed and Made with High Performance Fabrics.

All premium fabrics are:
* anti bacterial
* breathable
* quick drying
* odour resistant
* manage moisture
* Have UV protection
* Don’t shrink, fade, fuss or pill

* Supplex Lycra Pettenati and Rosser offer unique support.
* NZ fabrics with cold touch and shiny finish offer perfect compression and  UV filters.
* Emana superior quality compression fabric that fights cellulite and reduces muscle fatigue.
* Amni light weight fabric is super stretchy and flexible.

*Aqua Swim a light breathable fabric, perfect for the warmer months


Supplex® fabrics offer the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Consumers everywhere like the look and feel of cotton, its natural texture and aesthetics makes it a fabric of choice in many garment categories. But even cotton has shortcomings – garments tend to crease, shrink and fade colors.

DuPont®–Science and Technology Group have enhanced nature by developing Supplex® fabrics, a family that combines the traditional appeal of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fiber technology creating a superior nylon made of fine filaments. Equilibrium Activewear is on top of the wave to use this revolutionary fabric and bring you outstanding quality for all your active wear needs.

As compared to other fabrics, Supplex is a very beneficial fabric which combines the characteristics of different type of fabrics. It is as soft and comfortable as cotton, but doesn’t crease, wrinkle, shrink or fade as cotton could over time. When compared to both synthetic and non-synthetic fabrics, Supplex also dries quickly and is breathable. Therefore, you can wear it while you sweat without the wet, sticky feeling you would experience with other fabrics.

    • Advanced fiber technology
    • Fully breathable
    • Moisture wicking
    • Odor resistant
    • Great stretch with shape retention
    • Faster drying than Cotton
    • High colorfastness values
    • Exceptionally soft to the touch
    • Anti pilling and durable
    • Easy care
    • Crease resistant
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