Vestem was founded in Brazil in 2010 and is now one of the leading companies in the Brazilian Fashion Fitness market.

The company was born from a strong belief that fitness wear should be superbly stylish yet of superior quality, and flattering while highly functional. They find their inspiration in the world of global high fashion, add an edge of Brazilian sensuality, and create gym leggings, tops and crop tops that are designed to translate from the gym to the street with no style divide in-between. Our goal is to motivate women to express their individuality and move with confidence by offering them unique looks.

Today, Vestem is sold in the finest stores throughout Brazil and worldwide  Vestem’s Product range is inspired by the latest trends in the fashion market, and  only the best raw materials available. The result? Vestem sits at the top of the market, offering exclusive and high quality gym wear collections for all types of women.

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