Caju Brasil Legging NZ Glam

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  • Caju Brasil Legging NZ Glam
  • Fabric: New Zealand Technology:UV Protection 50+, high compression, ice touch, higher drying speed and greater thermal comfort
  • Composition: 88% Polyamide / 12% Spandex The main attribute of New Zealand, besides the perfect compression that exerts on the musculature, is the frosty touch provided by the Amni microfiber.
  • It promotes greater drying speed and greater thermal comfort, that is, the rapid transfer of heat and moisture from the body to the environment through the fabric.
  • Technology: Breathability Composition of striped detail on leggings: 73% Polyester / 27% Spandex.  Texture developed in microfibre 
  • The striped set creates an interesting optical effect to compose an overlapping look.
  • The elasticity allows to be explored in pieces more glued to the body and in strategic cuts to give breathability the pieces.  
  •  Compression and comfort Composition: 87,09% Polyamide / 12,91% Spandex Developed in bright wire, it has the right weight and power for a legging piece. An piece that was born to become one of the commodity fitness glow bases for parts that need a certain compression to fit the body with comfort and safety. 

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