Do workout clothes make you healthier?

In recent times, the activewear trend has definitely been on the upswing. More than simply a move of convenience, donning activewear outside of the context of exercise has actually proven to be beneficial for the health of its wearer. In this week’s article, we’ll be delving deeper into the phenomenon of workout clothes, and explain just how it works its magic.

The study itself

The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living from Victoria University recently released results from its $14,000 study into activewear. This research analysed women’s behaviour and consumer sentiment, in the context of purchasing exercise gear. In examining trends within the activewear market for women, it found that those of us who choose to adopt activewear in our everyday lives tend to engage in higher levels of physical activity.

A step in the right direction

Regardless of whether or not you plan to exercise, the results are in: workout clothes often represent a step in the right direction. The principal researcher of the study, Clare Hanlon, speaks to this idea- “Australian women want to make healthier choices. Sometimes the first step is actually associating with it, wearing something that makes you feel healthier”. Even if they weren’t engaging in intense workouts, putting on workout clothes encouraged women to find more informal ways to exercise. For example, walking was found to be an incredibly popular option.

Online shopping is the way to go

This study also explored the various purchasing methods for workout clothes, and found that online stores are a popular choice. BrazilActiv is an example of one such shopping destination. With high quality, yet affordable activewear options, BrazilActiv offers workout clothes tailored to empowered, strong women. The research found that it was important for many consumers to buy from outlets that were aimed towards them.

So, in short: wearing activewear does prompt you to lead a more active, healthier lifestyle! For a range of colourful workout clothes that’ll work for you, shop online at BrazilActiv today.