Five Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates 

Pilates is a powerful form of exercise to improve mind-body awareness and increase strength and flexibility. The benefits of Pilates are not just physical but mental as well. In this week’s blog, we share five reasons why you should do Pilates. 

1) Pilates can ease back pain 

The focus of Pilates is on strengthening our core and a strong core means a better back. For those with chronic lower back pain, regularly practicing Pilates has been demonstrated to provide relief. Researchers believe that by stabilising the core’s lower-back region, Pilates decreases stress on the area and improves mobility. 

2) Gentle on your joints 

As Pilates uses slow and controlled movements, it places minimal impact on your joints. This is optimal for people with knee issues or other joint problems. If you’re using a Pilates reformer, this is even better, as a Pilates reformer is as thick as ten yoga mats. Overall, Pilates takes the extra pressure off your back and knees, which is incredibly beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing.  

3) Teaches you to focus 

Pilates not only offers physical benefits but mental advantages as well. In Pilates, you are taught to focus on your breath, your body and how they move together. This requires a lot of concentration and attention to the present moment.  

4) Improves your performance in other physical activities 

Once you start focusing onyour core, you realise that all the muscles are connected through the core. So, by developing a stronger core in Pilates, it will allow you to run faster, hold your yoga poses longer and do more push-ups. If you focus or specialise in one specific sport, working in small groups or one-on-one with a Pilates instructor can provide you the opportunity to learn moves which resemble and improve the performance in your sport of choice. 

5) Increase your flexibility 

The last reason why you should do Pilates is to improve your flexibility. A Brazilian study revealed that when young women without any prior Pilates experience performed 20 Pilates sessions, they became 19.1% more flexible. Tightness of muscles can inhibit your exercise performance and at worst, cause injury. Pilates is thus, great for improving flexibility and longevity in other sports. 

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