Do you know the quality of your gym tights?

Activewear is everywhere! The market is totally saturated with new Brands and stores popping up. Most of them state high end, quality gym tights, made with amazing fabric that offers moisture-control properties, quick drying, squat proof… etc.

Do you really know what fabric your gym tights are made from?

It’s interesting that consumers are not aware that most of these stores that are not specific with their fabric compositions sell primarily NYLON gym leggings at a ridiculous price. Yes, there’s a small percentage of elastine in there to give them some stretch..but seriously..NYLON!!!!

Who can honestly say that Nylon is a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric? We all know it’s at the low end when it comes to quality. Yet, it’s out there masquerading itself as something bigger and better.

Consumers are paying a lot of money for gym wear that’s seriously not worth the $$$. This is the main reason I decided to write this post. To create awareness as to what is really going on out there.

Consumers need to be aware of what they are buying and not take these false declarations of quality gym tights or tops on face value. Please look at the composition of the fabric. Only then will you know what you are purchasing and how much you should be paying for your gym tights. Because let’s face it ladies we all want our most loved activewear to last and to provide us with all the benefits it’s supposed to.

At BrazilActiv we offer NO NYLON Activewear. In fact we mainly stock a Supplex Composition Fabric of Polyamide and Elastine which is your true high performance fabric giving you all the features you would expect from quality gym wear.

Shop Smart ladies!

Stay Fit Be Brazilactiv