Squat Proof gym tights

Looking for the perfect legging?

We all want to look and feel comfortable whilst working out at the gym. How embarrassing is it to Squat and have transparent gym tights! Or even worse..simply be on the stair climber and notice that the guy behind you is checking out your derrier ( in a bad way)

Yes, a lot of gym wear companies are claiming that their leggings are Squat Proof but how can Nylon and cheap quality gym leggings be Squat Proof ?

Interesting how many online stores are not disclosing the fabric composition of their gym wear but simply stating the supposed benefits.

BrazilActiv offers only high end fabric gym wear and Squat Proof gym tights with moisture-wicking properties, UV Filters and gym tights guaranteed to be 100% Squat Proof. Not only is Brazilian Gym apparel unique and stylish but it is known for its innovative designs, versatility and quality.

NO NYLON in our gym-wear ladies