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The Original Push-Up Legging is back!

Our push up leggings are guaranteed to be a show stopper.

Designed with smart panelling to accentuate the female physique, these leggings are a must have. Available in two styles: V-FRONT Waist and Tie-front wAIST.

They boast a beautiful fit in a flattering high-waisted style with mild scrunch for that extra Wow factor! Available in black, white, neon orange, lilac, turquoise, hot pink and sky blue. Easily teamed with your fave crop for a perfect gym-outfit.

Superior fabric composition in a Polyamide mix retains its colour, doesn’t fade or shrink and is totally breathable. This fabric stretches to fit and springs back to its original size. A staple piece in your gym-wardrobe.

The Neon-Orage Push-Up Legging

Cheetah Scrunch Leggings

Animal Prints Are Back!

Making a huge comeback this season are Animal Printed leggings and crops. If you were ever a lover of the Animal Trend well its back in full force.

Our Animal Printed styles boast scrunch booty detail, a high waisted fit and superior fabric for moisture control while you work out. Zero show through so you can train stress free knowing that your gym tights are squat proof. Coupled with that is the added UV Protection component in the fabric. This is so that your beautiful activewear can last for years and still look as fresh as when you purchased it without signs of fading. Anti pilling technology ensures you won’t get that unsightly balling that appears on cheaper gym apparel.

Brazilian Stylists are always thinking about the fit of their designs and how this will accentuate the female physique. This current trend from Brazil has a super emphasis on the bootyyyy!!!! Designs that make the booty look curvier due to cuts in the fabric and carefully placed contours in various colour palettes.

Check out the New Animal Printed Styles and fall in love with Brazilian Activewear


How to Care for your Activewear

If you live in your activewear, you’ll probably need to wash it fairly often, so in order to keep it in pristine condition, special care must be taken during laundering. By treating good quality activewear as an investment, you’ll be able to wear your favourite leggings, yoga pants and crop tops for many years to come. Here are our best tips for keeping your Brazilian activewear in great condition.

Wash after work outs

It’s best to wash your activewear immediately after workouts, as this will reduce the likelihood of permanent sweat stains forming. Leaving dirty workout gear in your washing basket too long can lead to lingering smells that won’t come out in the wash and the bacteria present may even cause the material to deteriorate faster.

Air dry

It’s best to hang out your activewear to dry naturally, as the heat of clothes dryers can cause the material to lose its elasticity and break down faster. If you must use the dryer, be sure to put it on the lowest possible setting and let it run for no more than 20 minutes to guard against shrinking and loss of shape.

Separate whites and colours

Always wash your activewear separately from your other laundry and make sure you separate pieces by colour. Even if you are washing multiple pieces in similar colours, it’s best to put each piece in its own individual washbag to prevent dye transfer.

Stick to cold, gentle cycles

By only washing your activewear on cold, gentle cycles, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your favourite leggings and crop tops. Cold wash cycles will further prevent colour fade and bleed, and also shrinkage. What’s more, washing in cold water makes it less likely for any stains to permanently set.

Avoid bleach and fabric softener

Bleach and fabric softener should be avoided when washing your activewear as they may cause the material to break down or lose elasticity. Instead, opt for gentle detergents and specialised stain removers for any stains present.

By following these tips when washing your activewear you can expect it to retain its original quality for many years. Remember, quality activewear from the best Brazilian brands, such as Hipkini, Super Hot and Oxyfit, will last you much longer than department store alternatives and will actually save you money in the long run. BrazilActiv stock a huge range of beautiful Brazilian activewear made from quality supplex fabric, designed to last you years’ worth of workouts.

How Brazilian Activewear can Improve your Performance

Brazilian activewear has soared in popularity in recent years, corresponding with a growing interest in fitness and wellness culture among the general population. Not only is Brazilian activewear incredibly stylish, it also has the potential to improve your workouts! Read on to learn how Brazilian activewear can improve your performance and keep you looking and feeling great during the toughest fitness regimes.  Continue Reading →

Fernanda D’avila

Meet the Hipkini Girl

One of Brazil’s hottest gym wear brands, Hipkini strikes the perfect balance between style and performance. Inspired by the colours and lively culture of Brazil, the Hipkini ethos and aesthetic is embodied by the gorgeous Rio born fitness model and dancer Fernanda D’avila who is the face of the brand. This week, we thought we’d take a closer look at who the Hipkini girl really is, and why this quintessentially Brazilian brand has such a cult following by fitness freaks around the world.

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The Real Brazilian Style

Joining us this week was Hipkini. A well known Brazilian Brand of Fashion Fitness Wear that has unique takes on their styling and colour palette.

Brazilian In every way! which is why it has been so successful in Brazil.

Thank-fully, it now has expanded its popularity into the rest of the world, with many countries picking up the brand. We, have been lucky enough to have this Brand join our already gorgeous collection of #Brazilian Brands.


What do we love about Hipkini? Well..it’s their unique styling and that real retro feel.

In particular their Having Fun Collection is reminiscent of the 50″S with all it’s romance and sass!

Have a look at  their fun clip for the “Having Fun” Collection

One of our Favourites in their “Game On” Collection which is inspired by Football and Sporting Games, and the like fitness fashion. With the gorgeous #fernanda d’avila as their exclusive model they are guaranteed success, as she is a great fitness inspiration for women around the world.

Try the newest Brand at #brazilactiv and get a feel of what all the #hipkinigirls are raving about.

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